Instant Watcher App Review

Instant Watcher App Review

Instant Watcher is a cool app that lets you find good stuff to watch on Netflix, which is not an easy task sometimes. The app is for Android & Apple and you can use the website as well.

Netflix is a great service but the content can get stale if you have a lot of free time and have already watched the most popular movies or shows. So Instant Watcher steps in and shows a ton of different lists to find that needle in the digital haystack. Of course you can connect your Netflix account so you can add shows directly to your queue. The website is more powerful than the phone apps but that is the case with just about every app.

My short list of great things on Netflix that are not that well known. House of Cards (Netflix Original), Too many documentaries to list but Craigslist Joe is a good start, 90% of ESPN 30 for 30 films are excellent even if the subject is not in your normal area of interest.


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