My 1st App Review. Google Drive

I am going to do regular app reviews for smart phones here. Why? Because IĀ  love apps that make my life easier. Also it will help people find apps that are cool / helpful without having to try them out to see if they suck or if they are awesome. I’m not a game guy so most apps will be of the productivity / life hack variety but I may talk my wife into doing some game app reviews.

I’m not sure if I will do written reviews or maybe just youtube it. I’m leaning youtube but a possible mixture of both is in my wheelhouse. I’ll go written for this first one for sure though.

The 1st app I am gonna talk about is Google Drive. Available on Desktop, Android Phones, & Apple Phones. A lot of folks like Evernote and I know it is great but a bit much for me. I just need to back up some stuff and be done… no tagging or notes etc. If I can upload to the cloud I will find it later. I don’t need a trail of keywords. I just need to create a specific folder and upload my text, photo, or whatever and I am good. Google DriveĀ  is quick and painless. I mainly use it to backup something I fear I will lose / need in the future.

Now if you have something personal you don’t want others to see, I don’t know what to tell you. The NSA is snooping everything everywhere so the internet is not a safe place no matter what company you choose to trust with your data. No company that I know of has had the guts to tell the government NO.